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Historical Attractions Around Fredericksburg

Step Back in Time!


  • Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Parks - See the "Texas White House" for yourself. LBJ's birthplace, home, and final resting place was where he spent about 20% of his time while president. Since 2008, guests have been welcomed into the home itself, offering a rare glimpse into the life of America's 36th president. The Park includes Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, whose little farmhouse stands just as it did in 1918.


  • Fort Martin Scott Historic Site - is a restored US Army outpost which was active from 1848-1853. Enjoy a self-guided walking tour of this complex just outside of town. Plans are in the works to turn the site into the home of a 41,000 square foot Texas Rangers Heritage Center.


  • Pioneer Museum Complex - is located right in town on West Main Street. Peruse the renovated historic structures, objects and photos depicting life in Fredericksburg over the last 150+ years. The Gillespie County Historic Society operates the Pioneer Museum and hosts numerous family-fun activities throughout the year.


  • Vereins Kirche Museum - is located in the middle of Marktplatz in the center of Fredericksburg. The original version was located in the middle of Main Street and served as the first public building in town (school, meeting hall and church for all denominations.) The original was disassembled in 1896, but the town decided to build a replica in 1935...just not in the middle of the street this time! The tiny building takes only a few minutes to tour, but it is DEFINITELY worth your time.


  • Luckenbach, Texas - Who can come to Fredericksburg without driving the 11 short miles to visit Luckenbach, Texas....with Willie and Waylon and the boys? Well, maybe not, but you're sure to see a colorful assortment of characters hanging around the general store. Luckenbach is a great place to find live music in the evenings and do a little two-stepping in the historic dance hall.