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Frequently Asked Questions

So you've decided to join us in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for an unforgettable Fredericksburg, Texas lodging experience and have a few questions? We hope you find the information below helpful!

  • We would like to come visit but can only stay one night. Do you ever accept one night stays?

We really have separate policies for weekend vs. weekday stays.

On the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights), we do require a two-night minimum stay. However, there are two main exceptions we can employ if you need a one-night stay. First, if someone else has booked a suite for a Thursday and Friday night stay, then the suite would be available for Saturday only. Or, if another guest has reserved a suite for Saturday and Sunday nights, then a Friday night only stay would be available. Second, as the weekend draws near (usually around Thursday), some owners authorize us to release their suite for a one-night stay. Feel free to call us and we will gladly see if we can accommodate your needs.

On weekdays (Sunday night through Thursday night), we can almost always accept a one-night stay but at the regular weekend price. If you would like to take advantage of the fabulous weekday special pricing, a two-night stay will be required. We do not allow moving from room to room for purposes of determining the length of your stay. For example, if you stay one night in one room and then move to another room that does not qualify as a two-night stay for purposes of receiving a weekday discount. As you can imagine, housekeeping costs skyrocket when rooms have to be completely cleaned from scratch daily. If you would like to move rooms during the week, you may do so but will NOT receive the weekday special price. Consider planning your trip to coincide with the weekday specials so that you can enjoy the amazing savings and have a little more elbow room while shopping in town as well!

  • Will I have to share a bathroom?

NO. All of our accommodations offer private baths. Now, of course if your family rents a two bedroom one bath cottage, the four of you will share the bath. But you will never share a bath with a stranger at ANY Absolute Charm property.

  • Will my B&B have air conditioning and/or heat?

Absolutely! All of our accommodations offer adequate heating and air conditioning.

  • How do I pay for my reservation? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Orders, Cash and Absolute Charm Gift Certificates purchased from Absolute Charm. At the time of booking, you must pay for half the reservation minus the taxes. If you are making a reservation within 10 days (30 days for groups) of arrival then your entire balance must be paid in full. You agree to authorize Absolute Charm to charge the remaining balance due to the credit card on file 10 days (30 days for groups) before your arrival date. If card declines, you forfeit your deposit and your reservation is subject to cancellation. If you would like the balance put on a different card, it is YOUR responsibility to contact us with the new information prior to the deadlines above.

No Split Bills! If you are sharing the fees for a room or rooms, please put the charges on one person's card and split the bill among yourselves. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no time to divide fees and process several cards at the time of check-in.

  • We have reserved a two-room cottage but aren't sure if we will be bringing friends or not? Should we just reserve it for the two of us?

If you are unsure, go ahead and reserve the cottage for the two of you. You may add additional guests (subject to your accommodation's maximum occupancy) up until 10 days prior your arrival. On the other hand, if you do reserve it for 4 and two can't come, there is usually no fee for dropping the number of guests in the B&B as long as you are still renting each suite agreed upon for at least two people. Please keep in mind, the party size must be finalized/confirmed 10 days prior to arrival.

  • How will I know where to check in?

All of our guests check in at our reservations desk, located at 711 West Main Street, which is right on Main Street on the west end of town between the cross streets of Acorn and Cherry. Just park in front and come on in!

  • We will arrive after the service has closed. How will we check in?

If arriving after 6:00 p.m. (or 4:30 p.m. on Sunday), you will still come to the service, located at 711 W. Main Street (on the west end of Main between Acorn and Cherry Streets.) Walk up to the front porch and you will find a lockbox containing an envelope inside with your name on it. (The code to the lockbox will be in your confirmation email.) Inside your envelope you will find a map to your suite or cottage, keys (if needed), parking instructions, breakfast certificates (if applicable) and information about Fredericksburg. Your B&B's homeowner contact information will be provided as well in case you need anything during your stay. We will leave the light on for you! Some of our bed & breakfasts are left unlocked with the key inside the property. If this is the case, it will be noted on your map.

  • What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Guard Insurance provides travel insurance that protects your vacation investment. Many of our guests do not anticipate a medical emergency, a death in the family or any type of accident that might occur during their stay. However, most cancellations could have been covered had those guests purchased travel insurance. To learn more details of how to purchase travel insurance, call Travel Guard at 800.827.0471. Absolute Charm's Travel Insurance Code is #255770. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, we encourage you to review our Cancellation/Move Policies. 

  • I need to cancel my reservation; am I responsible?

* Any cancellation made 10 days or more in advance of your arrival or 30 days for groups (please refer to our policies page for a list of properties with 30 day cancellation) will only incur a $35.00 cancellation fee per suite/property. The deposit you made at the time of the reservation (minus this cancellation fee) will be refunded to the same credit card we originally charged.

* If you cancel your reservation fewer than 10 days (30 days for groups) before your scheduled arrival or if you fail to arrive altogether, you are responsible for the full amount of the stay. If you have purchased travel insurance you may submit a claim to Travel Guard by calling 800.827.0471 and giving them Absolute Charm's Travel Insurance Code #255770.

  • I am canceling my reservation due to a death in the family; am I still responsible?

Please understand that almost all of our guests who cancel do so for legitimate, honest reasons such as a death in the family, illness of a child, loss of job. Nonetheless, our homeowners depend on their rentals, so we must uphold our policy evenly and across-the-board without judging whether one guest’s reason for cancellation is more valid that another’s.

Travel Guard Insurance provides travel insurance that protects your vacation investment. Many of our guests do not anticipate a medical emergency, a death in the family or any type of accident that might occur during their stay. However, most cancellations could have been covered had those guests purchased travel insurance. To learn more details of how to purchase travel insurance, call Travel Guard at 800.827.0471. Absolute Charm's Travel Insurance Code is #255770.

  • I need to cancel my massage or other package; am I responsible?

Pampering Packages or Massages must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance or you will be charged the full amount. Please help us respect our vendors by giving ample notice should you need to cancel.

  • I am more than 10 days (30 days for Group properties) away from check-in but need to change my date/suite reserved. Is there a fee?

If you call us more than 10 days (30 days for Group properties) prior to arrival, asking to change suites or the dates of your stay, you will only incur a $35.00 move fee.

  • My reservation is less than 10 days away (30 days away for Group properties). I'm still coming but would like to change rooms; is there a fee?

Once you are within the 10 day window (30 days for groups), no changes may be made to the reservation except to add nights. If you move rooms, that acts as a cancellation for the homeowner whose room you are cancelling, and you are still fully responsible for the original reservation PLUS the property you move to. 

  • I would like to bring my child and/or pet. Is this allowed?

Please look under the Amenities tab at the top of our website and find the selections for Kid Friendly and Pet Friendly. Those pages will describe and list the properties that are able to accommodate children and/or pets.

  • What type of gift certificates do you accept?

We only accept gift certificates issued by Absolute Charm. We do not accept certificates from other vendors such as as they charge our homeowner’s additional fees.

  • I have an Absolute Charm gift certificate that is about to expire. What do I do?

As long as your reservation is placed before the certificate expires, we will honor it. Once the certificate expires, however, we will not be able to change the date or suite reserved to prevent guests from making a random choice right before expiration and then continually moving the reservation as their plans change. As stated on each certificate, the certificate expires one year from the date of issue.

** Check In Reminder **

Please remember check in takes place at the Absolute Charm office located at 711 W. Main St, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624.
You will be given a map and keys to this property along with breakfast certificates (if applicable).

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